Educational Philosophy of the School

Preamble: An essential ingredient for effective schooling in any school is a simply stated, clearly understood educational philosophy. This statement is the philosophical basis for all policies, procedures and programs throughout the school. EMS’s educational philosophy was built on traditional Christian values and is intended to give direction to the educational program and daily operations of the school. Accordingly, our goal is to provide an education, which develops and nurtures each student’s individuality, creativity and compassion for others so they may live a life worthy of a child of God by contributing his/her special gifts to society. We believe a warm responsive school environment and student times on task are vital components for meeting our goal. The educational opportunities provided by EMS are designed to promote student growth through meaningful, relevant and understandable teaching. The acceptance of this belief commits EMS to the endorsement and implementation of programs of instruction through which the individual students will be served.

In This Section

Epiphany Montessori School’s (EMS) curriculum is fine-tuned, to the last detail. Everything we do academically beginning with our Pre-K, is intentional and deliberate, and intended to be customizable to the unique learning styles of each child. Our reasonable size and focus give us the flexibility to get creative where it pays off, innovate where needed to stay on the cutting edge and keep things traditional where tradition can’t be improved upon.

Philosophy: We believe that EMS should provide each student with the best educational opportunity possible by the optimum use of available funds for educational services, by the equitable assignment of qualified school personnel, and by the efficient use of school facilities. We believe EMS should offer an exemplary education, well grounded in the basic skills of reading, mathematics, written and oral communication skills, computer literacy skills, and incorporating the responsibility of good citizenship in a loving Christian environment. We believe that in gaining an education, students need to develop pride in their work and feelings of self-worth, self-reliance, responsibility and initiative. We believe that, as students develop good character and self-respect, they should learn to respect others of different cultures and diverse backgrounds. We believe that EMS should inspire students to have a desire for learning and help them develop skills for solving problems so they can develop thoughtful, creative and positive approaches to the demands of their life.

At the heart of EMS's long-standing tradition of Christian values and exceptional academics are the following core values:

  • Learning Experiences: providing real-life experiences through daily application
  • Individual Growth: recognizing each child’s uniqueness and affirming each child’s value intellectually, spiritually and physically
  • Character Development: instilling Christian virtues in each student and providing community service opportunities.

Our academic program is different from other schools in that it focuses on educating the whole child through a well-rounded curriculum, individualized instruction and small class sizes. Strong foundations, literacy, an understanding of basic concepts, and engagement in learning are precursors to academic success. Our program delivers them all via instruction that individualizes learning. All of our students benefit from research-based curriculum in language arts, math, science and social studies aligned to current state and national standards.

Academically, EMS serves the average and above average child. Throughout the curriculum, primary emphasis is placed on providing each child with a strong academic base in reading, language arts, spelling, mathematics, history, and the natural sciences. Computer applications, physical education, Spanish, music, and art classes are all integral parts of the program. Class size is limited to ensure individual instruction.

In keeping with the philosophy, and under the guidance of the Church of the Epiphany, the program provides enrichment in Christian faith and life. Tuesday and Thursday chapel services are included in the weekly schedule.

In the early childhood classes, a carefully designed program focuses on the needs of the student while building the foundation for later learning.