School Life


I was glad when they said to me, Let us go to the house of the Lord. –Psalm 122:1

As a school firmly rooted in Episcopal tradition, Epiphany School is an inclusive community grounded in respect and honor toward each of our members. The religious pluralism of our school community provides a magnificant opprtunity to foster the spiritual formation of our students from a variety of faith traditions.

Chapel services are at the center of our community life, where our lives of faith can grow and we can celebrate the many traditions with being an Epiphany School student.

Epiphany Sunday

Epiphany Sunday is a special Sunday set aside each year to bring our Church Family together with our School Family for a worship service. Epiphany Sunday provides an opportunity for the children to see their school, spiritual, and home life comes together in a meaningful, blessed way. It also provides an opportunity for the Church of the Epiphany to honor our children, their families, and our teachers and staff who have so lovingly created a uniquely gentle community that is as rare as it is precious in today’s world of education.

In This Section

Star Student

Star Student Assemblies are held numerous times during the year to recognize and honor each and every student. Parents and family member are invited to these assemblies during which the teachers introduce their Star Student(s). Information is shared about the child’s family, pets, hobbies, etc. During the assembly each child shows his/her individual, unique poster they created with their family to tell about themselves and their family. These posters are then displayed in the Parish Hall for all to see.

This assembly provides an opportunity for each child to feel special and be recognized, as well as letting the other students, parents and teachers learn more about each student as an individual. Although we do not have an anti-bullying program per say, this recognition and introduction of each child has helped us to remain a Bully Free school.

Random Acts of Kindness

Our Random Acts of Kindness program serves many functions; not the least of which is to thank the students for the kindnesses and respect of others. It also sets an expectation for behavior. At the closing of each Star Student Assembly we take time to recognize a group of students from each class for their kindness. The children that are recognized are publicly and personally thanked for their kindness and given a pencil to keep as a token of our thanks and reminder of the their good deeds. This recognition also contributes to our Bully Free environment.

Monthly Community Service Projects

As an Episcopal school dedicated to respecting the dignity of every human being, EMS strives to empower students to become globally minded servant leaders. As servant leaders, students build relationships with the local and broader community in order to expand their responsibility as citizens and make a difference in the lives of others.

In addition to on-campus activities, the majority of students will have school day experiences that include local trips within the Kingsville community to expose students to experts and institutions that offer valuable information as well as opportunities for leadership and service activities.

Honor Assemblies

Believing that everyone likes recognition for giving their best, Epiphany School holds an Honor Assembly each nine weeks. Pre School and Kindergarten students receive Shining Star Awards, Perfect Attendance, and are awarded for no tardies. The upper grades receive "All A", "All A-B" or Shining Star, Perfect Attendance and are awarded for no tardies. Parents and families are invited and encouraged to attend.

Family Fridays and Movies in the Courtyard

Periodically during the year, Epiphany School will host Family Friday where the parents are invited to come and join the students and staff for a noon meal. Family Fridays add to our family atmosphere and provide the students and parents an opportunity to become better acquainted with one another.

In the fall, after the time change and it begins to get dark early, Epiphany hosts a "Movies in the Courtyard" evening that is open to families and friends. This provides another way for families to become acquainted.

Birthday and Holiday Celebrations

Birthdays are recognized during chapel each Thursday. Students having birthdays during that week are recognized and the school prays for that child as she/he begins another year.

Holidays, especially Christian holidays are recognized and celebrated during the year in the classroom and throughout the school.

Each year we acknowledge and honor our veterans, celebrate fall with a Fall Festival, celebrate Thanksgiving by sharing meals, present a Christmas Program honoring the birth of Christ, acknowledge and honor Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day.

Uniform Exchange Program

Our uniform exchange was created to providing parents with gently used uniforms at no cost. Although it is called an exchange, it is not a set day or time, rather uniforms, that are gently used, are available at anytime they are needed. This is a great benefit to our parents as it cuts down on the cost of new uniforms as children go through growth spurts.

Extended Care Program

Supervised care is available for Epiphany Montessori School students from 3:15 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. All children who remain more than 15 minutes after their classes are dismissed will be consider in Extended Care. Standard fees are outlined in the Registration Packet will be billed monthly. Hourly fees are calculated and posted to your account monthly for the preceding month (i.e., August charges appear on the September statement). The fees for the Extended Care Program are stated in the Registration Packet.

Hot Lunch Program

In keeping with the "closed campus" policy, all students (with the exception of Pre-Kindergarten ½ day students) eat their lunch at school under the supervision of their teachers. Parents may eat lunch with their children on special occasions. Students may bring their lunches from home or may order a hot lunch through the school. Lunch fEMS are listed in the Registration Packet.

Piano Lessons

Private Piano Lessons are available after school. Arrangements are made through our music teacher.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scout meetings are held monthly in the Parish Hall. Check in the Administration office for more details.

4-H Club

A 4-H club meets monthly in the Parish Hall. Check in the Administration office for more details.